What is Pickplucker anyway?

That's the question I bet you're asking.

Well, in short, it's a fun, new spin on the old office pool. You pick the teams you think will win and if your opponent gets fewer correct than you; you win! (That week anyway.) Play each week and make it to the playoffs! And if you don't make it, no big deal. "Pfft, it's just a stupid game anyway."

More importantly, it's a fun way to drum up some friendly competition between your family, friends and colleagues. The best part is, since we have been doing this we've learned you don't have to know a thing about sports to win.

Most people only get just above 50% correct - a coin flip. That means ...
pick the team that's favored, pick the home team, pick the team that has the best looking star, pick the team because they have a prettier logo or because you like the colors more, or pick your favorite city. The point is, the most knowledgeable sports fanatic isn't a guaranteed winner.


Ready to become a plucker too?