About us

Maybe our future HQ one day!

Thanks for reading more about us!

We're flattered you've taken the time to find out who we are. Well, we eagerly anticipate Week 1 kick-offs each season. We love watching our favorite hockey teams eek out third period victories over rivals. We hanker to make our March-Madness bracket picks. And we pine over many many fantasy sports magazines trying to find that one sleeper pick of the season. But these are just a few of our favorite activities.

That's great and all, but you probably are looking to know what this site is about, right? Okay. We want to share our excitement for sports in a fun and engaging way not only to sports nuts but also the friends & relatives of those sports nuts who may not have the same level of excitement for sports. We strive to bring new & different approaches to sports envolvement. While we may have some similarities to fantasy sports we are not trying to be another fantasy sports site. We closer resemble typical office sporting pools, but that doesn't quite fit either. Fundamentally, we are a hybrid of the two mixed with fun new rules and unique ways to score, play and participate. Not everyone here has to be as fanatical about sports as we are to win! And that is exactly how we design our games...fun and casual, yet still engaging and thrilling.

We are headquartered in Northern Illinois and began our site in 2010 and have grown significantly since the first vision of the site. We want to provide everything you would expect from a service like this. That means an intuitive user interface, live scoring, message boards and the latest news and analysis from around the leagues! We are always adding new features and don't always see and catch every quirk, so if you notice something wrong or know a way we can improve the site, we encourage you to let us know by using our contact us page.